About ECOMACO Women can feel freer by dressing in the energy of nature.

Consider clothing as a ‘small space’ for humans to be wrapped in.
ECOMACO has been carefully researching nature and materials and pursuing ways to make clothes that are friendly to people and the earth. Consequently, we have discovered a type of clothing that tenderly embraces our body and heart. ECOLOGICAL, HEALTHY and FREE are key words in our wish to deliver happiness and the blessing of nature to all women.

MATERIAL  The next generation of textiles that are caring to both the skin and the environment.

We wanted to review the mass production and mass consumption ways of manufacturing in the 20th century, and started on the production of materials. ECOMACO was the first in the fashion industry to take notice of the lactic acid fiber produced when fermenting plant starch. We succeeded in sublimating lactic acid fiber that was neither petroleum based nor anything that had previously existed in nature, but the next generation in textiles unique in its beauty and functionality.* In addition to lactic acid fiber, ECOMACO uses only eco-friendly materials such as silk, organic cotton, bamboo and Japanese paper. These materials are fully biodegradable and pleasant on our bare skin.

*Granted patents
polylactic acid fiber 100% crease effect (patent no. 3686308)
Crease effect of polylactic acid fiber and mixed fabric (patent no. 3550365)

COLOR  Colors created in traditional Japanese artistry compliment a woman’s beauty.

Masako Oka, a designer and color analyst has given a lot of advice about colors that enhance a woman’s beauty.
Upon the establishment of ECOMACO, Oka strongly desired to find the perfect color schemes for her fabrics. This desire was satisfied by colors long rooted in Japanese culture and artistry. Carefully chosen materials are dyed in collaboration with craftspeople in Nishijin, Kyoto, who take immense pride in their 130 year old tradition. Delicate and deep colors, similar to seasonal transitions, have great possibility to provide us with new opportunities of self discovery and to help us become more aware of the importance of color.

DESIGN  Stress free designs that allow you to ‘be yourself’.

ECOMACO designs originated from Oka’s own thoughts on being a woman, ‘I want to be embraced by the great peace of nature at all times’.
ECOMACO’s original pleated clothing is designed to adjust comfortably to the wearer’s movements, giving it a stress free feel. They can be taken anywhere, whether it is for business or leisure as they are light, non-iron and easy to wash. Our clothing lines are for those women who live in a stressful contemporary society, but desire to be themselves and to be free. We aim to surpass fashion as merely an expression of self, by delivering tenderness and peace to oneself and others.

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